Dr Bussard has died

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Dr Bussard has died

Post by MSimon »

Dr. Bussard has died.

Too many tears now to post any further thoughts.

More later.

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Post by JohnP »

My thoughts go out to his family and the people he was close to.

His dream may yet change the world.

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Post by Keegan »

Thank you Dr. Bussard for having the courage and vision to give the polywell to the world. You were a source of inspiration to countless people worldwide.

It is now our mission to build it, make it work, and make sure you get the recognition you deserve.
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Post by pstoller78 »

I am deeply saddened by this news. My condolences to his family and friends, I am sure he will be greatly missed. I hope we can honor him by making sure his research continues to fruition.

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Post by tonybarry »

I offer my thoughts and sympathy to Dr. Bussard's family and friends also. I hope his work may continue and prosper, because I think we (the human race) really need it.

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Post by cuddihy »

I'm sorry he never got to see WB-7 operate, disproving the thermodynamic objection...

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Post by oldbaldeagle »

This is very sad news, whether or not his genius provides one of the great turning points of history or proves a dead end which had to be explored to the limit, in lis lifetime he contributed more to the sum of human knowledge and the prospect of limitless horizons than most of us would if we were granted a hundred lives and unlimited academic access. My heartelt condolences to his family and colleagues.

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