How to solve the first wall problem. :} use Boron.

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Wow, that's a real example of hillbilly construction if I ever saw one.
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Re: How to solve the first wall problem. :} use Boron.

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DavidWillard wrote:When times are tough, the tough get going.
Needed a shop to store the computers, tools, power tools, dangerous chems, and miscellanous that I dont want my Autistic son to get into.
Hey, stop picking on us autistics!

That guy might be able to crack the math to get Polywell past Q > 1...

Because we can.

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I assume the Quaker Oats are to fuel the Polywell?

I looked for that readtion on Chris's link but couldn't find it. I wonder what its cross section in Barns is? pretty close to 1 based on the photos...


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