Found this during google search on Polywell Fusion

Point out news stories, on the net or in mainstream media, related to polywell fusion.

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Found this during google search on Polywell Fusion

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Polywell Fusion Device-Ion Injection Gun Research?

Ion Injection Gun Research?

Would that be a way to get ions into a Polywell? Is that the next logical step?

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China Lake caught my eye. Very low population density. Lots of boron in the "dirt". Nice place for a net power DD machine. I wonder ...???

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Haven't we known about and discussed the need for a throttling device for ion injection. Using the "Puff of gas" fuel injection approach really won't work for a continuously operating BFR. And can you test, or do you even need a better ion injector for a machine that operates for milliseconds at a time? This looks to me to be one of two or several parts of the next stage, so that no single contract will be too large. Watch for more Polywell parts contracts.
I guess I should add I am assuming that by ions, they mean both P and B11 ions but of course it could be for D and D or other fuels.

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Tom Ligon wrote:China Lake caught my eye. Very low population density. Lots of boron in the "dirt". Nice place for a net power DD machine. I wonder ...???
China Lake is the California desert outback. A friend of mine used to work for the military as a contractor out there.

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HO Ho ho ...
Have a look at this people! :D ... e&_cview=0
It is in parts and pieces!

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whoa ....this has got my blood sleep tonight :o

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Very interesting stuff folks! Consider for a moment the likelyhood that the NAVY would be putting out invitations for participation in development of these items, during these budegtary times, if the prospects of some success weren't pretty good. While government service has taught me that, sometimes, waste does happen :roll: during times like these careers can be on the line. Spending now isn't the same as spending even a year ago. No, somebody was convinced by sombody else that this is a worthy expenditure. Othrewise the money would be going to weapons or keels.

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I just posted at: ... tract.html

I will hit my other regular spots and my list shortly.
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It seems that they are just ordering one of "Polywell Fusion Device-Ion Injection Gun Research".

But then again, what would the do with two researches?

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What kind of device will this new stuff be intended for?
Will it be more like a WB-8 or more like a WB-100?
My impression a few months back was that Dr Nebel leans more toward the WB-100: "This machine is so inexpensive going into the 100-megawatt range that there's no compelling reason for not just doing it. We're trying to take bigger steps than you would with a conventional fusion machine."
I suppose any answer would be idle speculation: is there enough here to even guess?

Bill Flint

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Something happens under the surface. This means also some success with the WB7 experiment. There are new experiments and probably a new data embargo.

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All it really amounts to is continued funding with the stated requirements of better resolution on density measurements. Congrats to EMC2 - it is a sole source bid. It's pretty safe to assume the data will be collected at EMC2's present location.

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Very cool! 8) nice detective work. I sure hope it means something good is coming down the pipes.

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Hmm....check this out.....note the did we miss this???? ... e&_cview=0
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