Blacklight independent review

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Blacklight independent review

Post by zbarlici »

BlackLight Power Inc. Announces Independent Replication of New Energy Source ... &dist=hppr

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Post by MSimon »

Yeah. That is impressive. A million Joules.

That would be a 1 KW heater for about 17 minutes.

And why isn't the Report on the Rowan University site?
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Post by scareduck »

The whole thing's based on their crazy "hydrino" nonsense that claims there are fractional quantum orbits in the hydrogen atom that have been hitherto unknown. Their device, should it work the way they claim, requires a complete rewriting of quantum physics to work.


Oh, and good grief, the original story link is via PRNewsWire, to boot.

Here's Prof. Peter Mark Janssen's Rowan University web page. His published papers have a number that are listed as "submitted" but have no publication date. His area of expertise wouldn't seem to have anything to do with quantum physics, anyway.

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Post by Nanos »

If it works, does that mean we'd have waste products from it that we'd need to stop from going back into the fuel chain ?

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Post by TallDave »

The waste products are hydorgen atoms with fractional electron states.

I guess if they exist, they could be an issue. Scientists seem pretty skeptical, though.

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Post by Helius »

scareduck wrote:The whole thing's based on their crazy "hydrino" nonsense that claims there are fractional quantum orbits in the hydrogen atom that have been hitherto unknown. ....
I think it is a mistake to infer anything about the validity of any data by anyone's interpretation of it, even the experimentalist's. A bizarre theory doesn't compromise valid data. Tycho Brahe Took great measurements which lead, decades later, to Kepler's 3 laws. That Tycho interpreted his own data and came up with a geocentric model didn't compromised the validity of his measurements in Kepler's eyes. Theories are great for new hypotheses, but they don't validate data.

Similarly, If there are valid measurements regarding Rowan University, It should be at face value, disjoint from any bizarre explanation for it.

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Post by Aero »

What do you think the professional community will make of this? What qualifies as independent? I note that the claimed result is pretty hard to mistake.

papers- lead author?
R. Mills, P. C. Ray, R. M. Mayo, M. Nansteel, W. Good, P. Jansson, B.Dhandapani, J. He “Hydrogen Plasmas Generated Using Certain Group I Catalysts Show Stationary Inverted Lyman Populations and Free‑Free and Bound‑Free Emission of Lower‑Energy State Hydride,” submitted to Fizika A


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