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The Competition And A Little Market Research

Posted: Sun Sep 28, 2008 10:40 pm
by Jccarlton
This is from a venture capital site,so take it for what its worth. The biggest stumbling block to the expansion of nuclear energy has been the size of the plants. Their size and cost makes them easy targets for opponents and very vulnerable to cost overruns and the additional interest payments that result. That's changing with proposals for small reactors coming from a variety of place and seemingly a good market for them in remote areas without electricity. Here's one: ... ation.html
here's the article quoted:
While the article are the kind of thing you expect from VC types, the logic seems sound, these guys understand the limitations due to regulation and have done their market research. The electrity is seemingly cheap too. One thing that's clear from here is that there is a large possible market in small power units.