Artificial gravity drive?

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MSimon wrote:Re: Puthoff,

Has been involved in psychic phenomenon. Or the psychics appropriated him.

Drop that guy. Was unaware. Thanks.

The inertia concept he was involved with seemed intuitively correct on first glance.

Thanks for the heads up.

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I am well aware of Dr. Puthoff's past involvement in "psychic" phenomenon.
I am also well-aware of many of his ideas in physics that are non-conventional, to say the least.

I am about the last person in this world to believe in any kind of psychic phenomenon and my attitude towards their ideas in physics is that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

However, his organization, EarthTech ( ), has developed a rock-solid reputation for experimentation. I have corresponded with people at Earthtech over the years (not with Dr. Puthoff personally) and have found them to be quite level-headed. They have falsified every cold fusion claim to date (as well as others) and come to be disliked by the cold fusion "community" (reality hurts sometimes). They have also proposed experiments to test some of their non-conventional ideas with regards to quantum vacuum.

It is for this reason alone that I would even consider mentioning anything they do in a forum such as this.

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Move this thread closer to the top. It has some good links but it sort of drifted off topic, I think?

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