Strange magnetic field source.

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Strange magnetic field source.

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Any guesses as to what mechanism may be in play to enable this planet to maintain such a strong magnetic field. FWIW, I speculate that it is related to the compression of hydrogen to within 80% of ignition conditions. If compression does cause the magnetic fields, that does not speak well of efforts to compress hydrogen using magnetic fields. ... ncna898026
The scientists found that the object's magnetic field is more than 200 times stronger than Jupiter's, which, in turn, is between 16 and 54 times stronger than Earth's, according to NASA. How the object, which scientists call SIMP J01365663+0933473, can maintain a magnetic field so strong, as well as generate spectacular auroras, is still unclear.
On the other hand, the field is only 3 to 4 orders of magnitude stronger than Earth's fields so it might not be strong enough to bother the magnetic fields within a fusion device.

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Re: Strange magnetic field source.

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I think it is dependent on the core make up and layering. If it is active nuclear, which it seems so, having a strong field due to circulating layers does not seem far fetched.
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