They Lied About The Beatings

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They Lied About The Beatings

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There is no racism among our police. Well maybe just an isolated incident. Well maybe just a few isolated incidents. Well maybe just a lot of isolated incidents. But they are isolated. And rare. And isolated.
When asked if he did something to threaten the police officers, he responded, "No, actually I was pinned to a position where I couldn't even move. ... I hear an officer shout, 'He's reaching for her gun. He's reaching for her gun.' All I could do was say, 'No, I'm not. I'm not reaching for anything.'"

He expected to die that night.

The beating required 45 stitches, left him with a concussion and a traumatic brain injury. ... 12029.html
So is it SOP for officers to claim "he was reaching for my gun" ? It has gotten so bad that it is called testilying. ... g-problem/

So what was going on that was so dangerous?
Police found marijuana on his passenger, who is white. They began searching the car. Landau said when he asked if they had a warrant, three white officers - one of whom was female - started beating him.
Now this was in Colorado.
In November of 2000, voters of the state of Colorado passed Amendment 20 to the state’s constitution, codified in article XVIII, section 14. This article effectively legalized limited amounts of medical marijuana for patients and their primary caregivers. ... uana-laws/
None of the officers were prosecuted or disciplined in the Landau case. However, Landau did receive $800,000 from the city of Denver. Two of the officers were later fired for lying about other beatings. One of those was captured on videotape. Hathaway quit her job as a teacher to join her son's fight against racial profiling and excessive force.

"I never intended to spend this part of my life studying police brutality, but that's what has happened," said Hathaway.
Never question authority or you will meet the fasces. They are wielded by people called fascists.
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Re: They Lied About The Beatings

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So is it SOP for officers to claim "he was reaching for my gun" ? It has gotten so bad that it is called testilying.
Actually it is. It's a "get out of jail free" card they can use to justify any action they do. Since it's impossible to prove whether they were or where not actually reaching for a weapon, the Officer is always assumed to be telling the truth.

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Re: They Lied About The Beatings

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You should google 'dropsy arrest'.
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