The Insanity Of Big Gvoernment

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The Insanity Of Big Gvoernment

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If the bureaucrats in government can't understand the increasing hate that is being extended toward them, here's a clue: ... hilarious/
A government that harasses five year olds is no longer sane.

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Re: The Insanity Of Big Gvoernment

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I see the government as having caught itself up in a catch 22 situation. All crazy people are supposed to be disarmed, and there are 300 million plus privately owned firearms in the U.S., or 1 per person. Since possibly 10 % of the population could qualify as crazy, that would mean trying to disarm 30 million crazy people. Since any attempt to disarm that many people is crazy, the government is insane and needs to be disarmed.

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Re: The Insanity Of Big Gvoernment

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