Gay guy has insight on World/History/cycles

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Gay guy has insight on World/History/cycles

Post by ravingdave »

Charles Winecoff I mean. His writing is readable, but his points are not always obvious. You have to think.

Here's a quote:

'My pretty fourth-grade teacher, who taught us everything from math and history to a dash of entomology (study of insects), didn’t think so. One day, unprompted, she told her class of 10-year-olds that she wasn’t really concerned about the Biafran babies because mass starvation was just nature’s way of controlling overpopulation. (My parents were mortified.)" ... ore-164862

One of his points relates to my point about Muslim Demographics.

Astute and prognostic.


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Post by Torulf2 »

This in not the way it actual works. The birth rate in muslim world is drops fast. Even in Iran.
This despite the fundamentalism. The west civilisation have not to become “fundamentalists” to survive.
In long time scale there will be no same in west and muslim countries.

Listen to the videos of Hans Rosling.
And use the statistics in Gapminder.

High standard of living seems to automatically slow the population growth.
This is one off the most important reason to develop cheap energy.
Low birth-rate can be a problem in future but its long way to that point.

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