Which design will be the first to break even?

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Which concept will lead to the first successful commercial fusion reactor?

The Bussard Fusion Reactor (a polywell based design)
A Tokamak based-approach (ITER, MAST, etc.)
General Fusion's Approach (What category does this fall under?)
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Laser Inertial Devices
Other (Please elaborate in your reply.)
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alexjrgreen wrote: Like this only bigger:
Dinorwig. Hmph. A pale knock-off of the Bonneville Power Admin's system up to Banks Lake.

From wikipedia:

The original goal of irrigation resumed after the war. A water distribution network was built using the adjacent Grand Coulee to hold the main reservoir now known as Banks Lake. Additional dams, siphons, and canals were constructed, creating a vast irrigation supply network called the Columbia Basin Project. Irrigation began in 1951.[9]

Water is pumped up 280 feet (85 m) from Lake Roosevelt to Banks Lake using twelve 14-foot-wide pipes. Pumped-storage hydroelectricity capability was incorporated into the final six pumps. During low-demand periods, water is pumped into Banks Lake, to be used later during high-demand periods. Water flow is reversed, powering generators as it falls back into Lake Roosevelt. This function is used regularly when irrigation water demand is low and electricity demand is high.

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