C'mon conservatives, where's the outrage?

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C'mon conservatives, where's the outrage?

Post by Maui »

I'm a strong Obama supporter.

Maybe that's why I'm apparently one of the few outraged by Obama pushing aside his 2 day-old rule on ethics and lobbying to allow one of his appointments by. I find it suprising the story's not getting picked up the way I would expect it to. It wasn't the lead story for either, but cnn.com and msnbc.com did at least carry it on their front page. What really stunned me is that it never made FoxNews.com's front page at all (though you can find it buried in their politics page) Even more incomprehensible, I don't see the story *anywhere* on drudgereport.com.

C'mon, conservatives, where's the flak? It's deserved.

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Post by MSimon »

Conservatives would only be outraged if tolerance of corruption by Democrats was unusual. Outrage is a function of surprise. And you know Democrat corruption is no surprise. It was predicted during the election campaign.

Republicans are not immune to political corruption. We do like to throw the corrupt out of the party. Or at least demote them. Democrats like to run their corrupt for higher office. Thus a Chicago politician gets elected to the Presidency.

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Post by ravingdave »

What MSimon said.


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Post by gblaze42 »

I also agree with what Mr. Simon said.

Here's another interesting decision Obama's made and that's to side with some of Bush's policies.

http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/2009/0 ... s-wit.html

It isn't so much that Obama is changing his mind it's more that he see's that some of what Bush has done was right.

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