Significance of Electron Recirculation Revisited

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MSimon wrote:
rcain wrote:
MSimon wrote: From what I can tell he collects his work for a year and publishes at the yearly IEC Confrence.
.. if we are to believe Dr's Nebel, Lerner and others, in alt-fusion, right now, a year is a very long time.
About 8 months to go.
about the same time father christmas climbs down the chimney and delivers all our presents.

i am veritably wetting myself in anticipation.

as a gambling man, i would put odds on Lerner making 'The' positive anouncement within the time-frame he's promised, give or take.

i would further guess EMC2/USNavy still wont be ready, and wont say much, if at all.

unless, of course ...

...but thats a different thread.

maybe Famulus will blow his lab up trying to get to the bottom of cusp plugging, next week! who knows?!

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