Isochroma's junk thread deleted

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Isochroma's junk thread deleted

Post by JoeStrout »

I'm no fan of censorship, and in the years now that talk-polywell has been up, I've never had to do this before, but: I just deleted the thread in "Implications" where Isochroma was not just frothing at the mouth while grinding his axe, but also posting pictures that are wholly inappropriate for our forum.

Most admins would probably ban him at this point, but I've given him a warning and am willing to see whether he can tone it down, and keep his posts both on-topic and polite. This forum is now probably the primary resource on polywell fusion, and we quite likely have school kids browsing it for their research reports. Let's remember to act like adults, and keep the forum rated "G".

If there are further offenses, I will ban him — I'm determined to keep this a friendly community for discussion of polywell research, and while a bit of off-topic politicking is occasionally permitted, extremism and hate will not be tolerated.

- Joe
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Thank you for your measured response.

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Frothing, yes. Thanks.
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