How is this not superconductivity?

Point out news stories, on the net or in mainstream media, related to polywell fusion.

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How is this not superconductivity?

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also what about these time crystals? ... e-crystals

Is this fake news? Any of the two?

...seems i can't trust msm anymore

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Re: How is this not superconductivity?

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Why would anomalously LOW conductivity be superconductivity?

D Tibbets
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Re: How is this not superconductivity?

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From my admittedly breif read, it is not low conductivity for electricity,but low heat conductivity in a relatively good electrical conductor that they are describing. They apparently tend to run in parallel according to the "law", except at cryogenic temperatures. This compound appears to break this tendency at near room temperature. What applications this might have is what may be interesting. I agree it does not have any obvious link to superconductivity, but since high temperature superconductivity remains a mystery, there may be some information that that promotes advances in understanding of the electrons behavior in both of these exceptional conditions.

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